I’m sure this is a crazy time of year for most people. And today, I’ve been very tempted to freak out about all the time-consuming and/or stressful things I have to get done this week. This morning, even though I knew I was borrowing a lot of trouble from several tomorrows and not trusting God to give me the time, courage, and clarity to get through this week, I still was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. But suddenly God brought a Good News Club song to my mind. And this song that we teach to elementary schoolers was just what this 23-year-old needed.

“When mountains tower rugged and high, rise to the challenge, look to the sky. Trust in the Lord and start out to climb, reach for the goal one step at a time.

Little by little, inch by inch; by the yard it’s hard, by the inch, what a cinch; never stare up the stairs, just step up the steps; little by little, inch by inch.”

What a reminder.


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