Chivalry Ain’t Dead

In the middle school car line yesterday, a woman in a suburban unknowingly ran over a traffic cone and then tried to drive away. However, she had only traveled a foot or so before the cone became wedged under her vehicle. She got out of her car to see what was causing the binding sound and realized what had happened. Unfortunately for her, the cone was very securely lodged under her car – and she was wearing a stiff looking pant suit and very high heels. She awkwardly tried to reach the cone but with no success. As I debated what I should do (I was wearing clothes that wouldn’t suffer too greatly from an expedition under her car and much more sensible shoes, but should I stop in the sluggish car line and risk angering the cars behind me? Let the 10 year old drive for just a minute?) a man hopped out of his car and ran over to her. Read More


Knowing Thyself – Part 1

“Becoming a Person means the individual moves towards being, knowingly and acceptingly, the process which he inwardly and actually is. He moves away from being what he is not, from being a facade. He is not trying to be more than he is, with the attendant feelings of insecurity or bombastic defensiveness. He is not trying to be less than he is, with the attendant feelings of guilt or self-depreciation. He is increasingly listening to the deepest recesses of the psychological and emotional being, and finds himself increasingly willing to be, with greater accuracy and depth, that self which he most truly is.” – Carl Rogers


Don’t worry if that seems to be to you “as at best speaking in riddles, and at worst, sheer nonsense,” that just means you don’t share my personality type. 😉

I love personality tests. I know many people who hate them because they can’t figure out what personality they are, but fortunately for me, I fit pretty well into one of the standard categories. Reading about my personality is very therapeutic sometimes, because it helps me remember that there are good things about my personality, that I am the way I am for a reason. Instead of bemoaning my personality, I should learn to work with it. To use the strengths God gave me to the best of my ability, instead of wishing I was someone else. Read More

Learning from a Baby

My little baby nieceling hates to be dressed/undressed. Changing her pants doesn’t bother her, but try to change her shirt and she shrieks, kicks, and freaks out. Why? Because it scares her when the shirt covers up her face and it is uncomfortable when the neck hole slides over her head. That momentary blindness and discomfort terrifies her and makes her mad. As I changed her shirt the other day I tried to comfort her. “Oh Munchkin, I’m just trying to help you. Don’t you want to get rid of that smelly shirt and have a clean one? It will only take a minute – just trust me! Oh Munchkin, I wish you could understand what I am telling you!” Read More