Learning from a Baby

My little baby nieceling hates to be dressed/undressed. Changing her pants doesn’t bother her, but try to change her shirt and she shrieks, kicks, and freaks out. Why? Because it scares her when the shirt covers up her face and it is uncomfortable when the neck hole slides over her head. That momentary blindness and discomfort terrifies her and makes her mad. As I changed her shirt the other day I tried to comfort her. “Oh Munchkin, I’m just trying to help you. Don’t you want to get rid of that smelly shirt and have a clean one? It will only take a minute – just trust me! Oh Munchkin, I wish you could understand what I am telling you!”

It dawned on me today that I am just like baby Munchkin. God is working all things in my life together for my good and His holy will – but I don’t always trust Him. God takes away something I am used to, to give me something better and I get mad. God takes me through something challenging and I get scared. I have about as much understanding of what He is working as Munchkin understands why I am changing her shirt, but unlike Munchkin I have enough intellect and information to know I should trust Him. So if I don’t…

Pretty humbling to realize you have even less wisdom than an infant. 😉


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