Sovereignty, Civic Duty, and Gideon

I am not responsible for the outcome of this presidential election, but I am responsible for my actions in it.

Gideon was not responsible for the outcome of the war with the Midianites, but he was responsible for his actions, for whether or not he trusted and obeyed God. God told Gideon to send home most of his army, to keep only 300 men to fight over a hundred thousand Midianites. Nasty odds, right? Gideon could have rationalized and decided that he needed to look out for the future and be sure he had at least a fighting chance – but he didn’t. He sent those “extra” men home and went to battle with only 300. In case you are wondering, that’s a ratio of more than 300 Midianites to each Israelite. 029-moody-gideon-midianites Read More