Redeeming the Time

“So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom…” (Psalm 90:12)

Resolved, never to lose one moment of time; but improve it the most profitable way I possibly can.
-Jonathan Edwards, Resolution No. 5

My goal for this month fits in well with this resolution, for my goal is to assess how I spend my time and determine ways to redeem it better.

My assessment plan:
-Where/how do I spend the majority of my time?
-Do I spend more time with friends who sharpen me or with friends who “won’t judge me”?
-Do I spend more time on me or more time serving others?
-Do I set aside enough intentional time with God?
-Do I give time more to wholesome, uplifting, growing pursuits/activities or to pointless and possibly destructive ones?
-Do I pay enough attention to where/how I spend my time?

My current ideas for practical application:
-Less social media.
-Less pointless entertainment. Figure out a way to redeem the time I do spend on it, cut out the options that are truly useless and/or unedifying.
-Less daydreaming time. I can get lost in my head so fast it isn’t funny. And while castles in the air are a blast to build, rarely do they yield anything other than fleeting amusement.
-Less running last minute errands that could have been consolidated with other errands.
-More deep thoughts, less frivolous ones.
-More study. More reading biographies of heroes of the faith, more reading sound books on theology. Improve my mind to the point that even my idle thoughts are profitable.
-More scheduling of my time to make it easier to use wisely.
-More attentiveness to seizing opportunities for edifying, encouraging, and witnessing to the people I interact with. Even cashiers but especially friends and family.


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