Hello. I am Michelle and I am not perfect.

I try to be honest about who I really am with the people I know. But since I frequently play the role of a teacher and leader, I present a picture of perfection that is not anything close to the truth. Only I see the wretched darkness of my faults and hidden sins. Only I see my doubts and struggles. Only I see how often I stand on the edge of my faith. But even my attempts at candor about my struggles are often taken as signs of my strength and piety.

I am neither strong nor pious, but rather, weak and proud and selfish. I don’t really want the world to know how wretched I am. I do, however, hope others can learn from my failings and benefit from my ponderings.

So here I am with all my flaws. Here are my thoughts, my questions, and my struggles. And if you find me, then welcome.


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